Do you need a new FMX Purple Spot shirt?  Well, we sometimes have them on location but they go quick! This might make it a little easier for you to score one! Then again, they may go pretty quick here too.


Here's the deal, with the way we're setting this up, we can't guarantee you a specific size. What size you get will be determined by when you pick the shirt up. We will initially stock the supply with everything from Medium to XXL. We're also going to set the points a little higher than usual on this one because we'd like for you truly hardcore fans to have a shot at one.

We're putting 50 shirts up for grabs! Since you are basically "buying" one instead of just entering for one, the cost will be 25,000 points. Yep, that's a whole two weeks worth of "Words Of The Day," but you loyal folks deserve a big payoff. Good luck and thank you for caring about us enough to wear our shirts!