I was discussing The Beatles with Landon King the other day.  The question was kind of simple, were they the biggest because they were basically working with a blank slate, or were they the biggest because they created a blank slate of their own?  Meaning did they fill a niche or create a niche?

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

I think the answer is, a little of both.  Taking a more recent example, no one said "we need a band like Nirvana to fill a grunge niche".  It was more Nirvana and others making a place for themselves.  I could say the same about Guns N' Roses.  The prevailing thought in their day was big hair and sugary hooks.  Guns came in raw, scary and blasted their own hole into the scene.

So here we sit and nobody is making their own niche.  How do you do it?  Well first you have to have great songs.  Great, catchy songs.  Then you present them in a way that is somehow different than what's been done before.  What we have now is people trying to fit the existing mold and that won't do it.  The other thing is, it seems to always be a voice that's just a little "off".  From Axl, to Kurt to even Mick Jagger, their voices were a little bit strange, so no American Idol wannabes need apply.  We need someone to get weird with it.  If you can put these things together, we can make a pile of money as high as the West Texas Sky.