Despite how cool technology can be, it's still lacking in a lot of areas.  One of the biggest problems is straight up telephone to telephone service.  We've had calls from overseas that sound like they're next door and some that you can't even hear.  Sadly, we had a poor connection with Nicholas Hoult of Warm Bodies. More after the break.

We've probably had a half dozen interviews we couldn't air and another half dozen that we had to edit the heck out of or bury early in the morning.  We had a GREAT conversation with a guy who WILL be the breakout start of the year but the quality of the call sucked.

Nicholas Hoult will be in this weekends "Warm Bodies".  He's also "Jack" in "Jack The Giantslayer", he'll be in the new Mad Max Movie and he'll reprise his role as "The Beast" in the new X-men movie.  He also started as 'the boy" in the Hugh Grant movie "About A Boy" that meant so much to so many people many moons ago.

For a buy that's blowing up this huge, Nicholas was totally cool, totally fun and impeccably British.  We are truly sorry that the audio sucked donkey; we just wanted you to know that this is a cool kid and if you were thinking about seeing a movie this weekend, give "Warm Bodies" a shot.