One of the greatest things about AC/DC is the fact that they've never really "sold out" in the modern sense of the term. At least not until recently. This is a documentary about the power that AC/DC has, even in ads that make you want to puke.

"Beyond The Thunder" is a documentary film about the universal appeal of the most iconic band in the world, AC/DC. Yes, they ARE the most iconic band in the world because you will always recognize an AC/DC riff the minute you hear it, and you will never turn it off.

KISS might be masters of the merch, and whoring themselves for every penny. But AC/DC are recognizable around the globe, and its not because everybody owns an AC/DC branded (insert useless piece of junk here.)

This clip of the film portrays the band's endless appeal even through advertising. Some of which is a perfect fit, and some of which will make you want to puke. I don't know how much of this advertising the band has authorized, namely because some of their music has been around so long you don't know who owns the final copyrights. Some of it might even be public domain now. Either way we're seeing the band more and more in ads these days.