Way back in 2002 Guns N' Roses cancelled a show in Philadelphia which led to some rioting in the streets. Guns hasn't tried to go back since then. Well the other day, Monday the 27th to be exact, they finally made their triumphant return. And while there Axl decided it was time to apologize for the cancellation and set the record straight on what actually happened.

According to Axl, "I did cancel the first show, at about six in the morning. My manager told me he canceled it and then didn't. And then Clear Channel wanted us to f*** up, because they wanted to end the tour. 'Cause they had some s*** going on in Florida or something... I don't know... a whole bunch of bulls***.

Talking about the rumors that he kept the crowd waiting because he was watching a basketball game in New York he adds, "But I got really sick; it had nothing to do with fur coats and basketball games, you know. I love Philly. I came to visit here a few times and I really liked it. So I said, 'OK we're gonna risk it, what if we can throw in a show in Philly?' So it's good to be here with you people. I want to apologize for my part of that. You know, so . . . I'm not saying I'm innocent."