This is pure genius and you would probably think it would be a disaster, but it's not. I know that has to be one of the weirdest sentences ever, but check this project is massive and nuts at that same time.

Basically internet users were asked to recreate the entire first Star Wars movie 15 seconds at a time.  So, people only created their assigned 15 seconds, then the whole project was stitched together into what is still a cohesive film.

Its actually cool that the film holds together.  For fifteen seconds you might see animation, then live action, then Legos, then super-cheaply made, and so on and so on. You'd think it' would actually be distracting, but you can actually follow the story quite well.

It just all seems to add an extra dimension to the story almost in the same way a director might use different angles. Anyways, I hope you can check out a little bit of it, if not the whole film. It's my guess that this MAY go down as the most watched thing on the internet, possibly ever.  Enjoy.

Star Wars - UnCut