The long and short of water restrictions for the city of Lubbock is that you can only water your grass on certain days.  Depending on your address, you will have an assigned day for watering.  If you miss that day, tough luck buster.  Get the details after the jump.

Here's how it works, just match the last digit of your address to the day of the week and that's when you can water.  Here's the lineup:







(poor Mondays, nobody gets to water on Mondays).  Also, keep in mind that even if is "your day" to water, you can still only water between 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. the next day.  Now you can always hand water your vegetation and stuff, this is for "landscape" watering.  You are also expected to keep it below an 1.5 inches of water (how you measure this I don't even know).  They also don't want you washing down porches, patios, driveways or using water for "dust control".  It's unclear from this document what the restrictions are on washing your car.

The Water Department stresses that we are "not running out of water"  we just needed a stop gap measure while different sources are being tapped, and of course, because of less rain than usual.

Here's the link to the actual document from the Lubbock Water Department.