Way back in 1996 Wayne Swinny joined the rock n roll band we all know (and love) called Saliva. Through the years these guys have cracked out some heavy hitting songs like "Click, Click,BOOM!" for the men (yeah, I know there are several of you ladies that love to rock out as well!), then they turn around and deliver a ballad like "Always" that makes the ladies want to go home and cuddle up with their man.

Tonight I learned Wayne the groups hard rockin' guitar player became a daddy for the first time. I don't have all the details just yet but as soon as I do I will share them with you guys.

In the mean time let's give a great big FMX welcome to little Nicole Marie Swinny. Leave Wayne and his family your warm wishes here and on our Facebook pages.

Wayne and the guys will hit Hub on August 5th at Jake's, be sure you are there so you can wish him your best in person. Till then check out this video where Wayne talks about life as a music man.