On April 15 of this year, once again, our lives were changed forever by the actions of two sick, sadistic men.  Two brothers who will now forever have a place of infamy, not only in world history, but in AMERICAN history who foolishly thought they could break us.

Perhaps these two were too young to remember how AMERICAN'S came together after the events of 9/11 to mourn the loss of innocent lives together, or how WE as a nation REFUSED to roll over, to give up and die.

Instead, we banded together to rebuild and to rise out of the ashes and remind everyone that the people of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are not quitters.

No, "WE ARE SOLDIERS!" We will fight, and we will always overcome!

I believe the citizens of this great country have once again proven this through our quick response and actions after the horrific bombing of the Boston Marathon.

To the men and women of Boston, our thoughts and our prayers are with you. To the first responders and everyone who stood "shoulder to shoulder" to help the wounded, both physically and emotionally, we thank you!

I think this video says it all, it is a tribute to the men, women, and children or those who lost their lives in this tragic event, to those who selflessly jumped in to help, and to all of us as American's who rise up in the face of such evil, "wipe the blood out of our eyes," and declare to the world we are "the ones who will never be broken!"