One of our listeners came up with this idea, and I'm embarrassed we didn't think of it first.  People who are from Italy are Italians. People from Lubbock are Lubbockites.  So why can't people who like FMX, be "FMXICANS"?


So we took this idea and think it's a point of pride that we're all in this together. Now at the same time we though we could include a slight nod to Hispanic Heritage with the Mexican flag colors on the back.  We hope you like this killer custom, 1-off design.

The last time we did a Mexican flag t-shirt we had to send a half dozen to no other than Billy Bob Thorton. He had seen a worker on one of this movies wearing one and I think he liked not just the logo, but he "El Jefe" on the front.

Consider this a sequel to those shirts, just a little bit.  The colors are slanted so our "M" doesn't get lost in the red. You'll be able to score one of these online and on location.  We'll have all of the details next week.  In the meantime, join The FMX Bombsquad and become a V.I.P. then start saving up points with the FMX Word Of The Day at 8:35, 11:35 and 2:35!

We'd also like to take just a moment to thank Advanced Graphix for once again raising the bar and taking our ideas and making them reality.  Good work Steve & Steph.