I don't get what is so romantic about dudes that propose to their girlfriends in a big public way. I get that a marriage proposal is supposed to be a huge deal, but dudes that decide to ask a chick to marry them in front of huge crowds at sporting events are just... dumb!

Regardless of how secure you are in your relationship and how sure you are that she will say "yes," there is always the chance that she won't.

Here is a perfect expample, on December 23rd a guy was caught on the "Mistletoe Cam" at a UCLA basketball game.

The poor guy gets down on one knee, pulls the ring out of his pocket and with everyone in the staduim watching proceeds to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Check out her reaction. Guys, let this be a warning, ask your girl to marry you in private so if she does shoot you down the entire world doesn't feel bad for you.