Here in Texas, if you want to guard something most people get a gun or a dog, some even get both. That seems like a fairly logical way to keep unwanted people from trying to take your stuff, or in some cases just keep people away from your property for whatever reason. For example, the neighbor kids who knock on your door and sell you candy they never deliver, or ask if you have any money when you open the door.

But, people in California seem to do things to a different drummer than the rest of the world. Take for example Assif Mayar who got a caiman (an alligator like reptile from Central America) after Tupac Shakur was killed.

That might not be all that unusual, lots of people have reptiles as pets. Did I mention this one was used to guard a 34 pound block of weed worth about $ 100,000.00.

When police found the reptile they took him to the Oakland Zoo, where veterinarians examined Mr. Teeth.

Upon arrival at the zoo the animal was found to be critically ill and unresponsive. The next morning Mr. Teeth was found dead, no word on what was wrong with him, or if maybe he ingested some of the stash.

RIP Mr. Teeth.