The Who sang "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"; but they didn't know that this boss still has the sauce! Yep, we're laying it on thick.  We've been Lubbock's Home of Rock and Roll, Lubbock's Pure Rock, and Lubbock's Absolute Rock.  Now, we're headed back home.  We are Lubbock's Rock Station.  More after the jump.

We don't know if we're 'all that'; all we know is that we ARE widely respected in out industry. We have many listeners who've moved away and said they 'never could find another radio station like FMX".  We also know that we are heading into our 32 year as the #1 rock station in Lubbock Texas; we've never been beaten and never been challenge.

One thing we know about winning, even an Olympic medalist needs new shoes ever once in a while.  Now keep in mind, your friends are still the ones running the race, we're just sporting a new look and a new sound.  If you haven't tuned in, well, then tune in and turn it up.  Our new voice guy is named Rich.  Most people wouldn't bother to introduce to their announcer, but we think he's a pretty big part of the station.  Rich is committed to helping us keep the radio station fresher, hotter and more rockin'!

This isn't the last of our surprises.  We just wanted to keep you updated and thank you for your loyal support for the last 31+ years and we'll do our best to keep it rockin' for you everyday!