I got cross ways with some people yesterday. They're immediate response was "F@$$ FMX" and "F@#$ You".  Seriously?  You got mad at something you read on the internet? You're going to forget that we've had drinks together, went to shows together, that I told you're wife Happy Birthday on air because you don't agree with ONE thing you read?  And I'll be the first to admit, I'm just as bad.

So like pretty much anyone else, when someone insults me, I insult them back.  I used to play the part of radio suck up and try to get everyone to like me, but it just didn't work for me.  To paraphrase something I put on the RockShow page just the other day, "if I just offended you, then you haven't known me that long".  As far as the people saying "I'm never listening to your station again", well, then I'm never going to your plumbing place again.  Dang it, see there I did it again.  If anything ANYONE says is enough to keep you away from the music you love or the station you spent your life with, then you're taking stuff WAY too seriously.

Worst in all of this is, the people who tend to be the first ones "offended" are the ones who haven't read the whole article. It's also frustrating when people aren't getting whatever point you're trying to make, then again I'm digressing.

Regular people never had this kind of animosity towards each other before the internet. Myself, I've been dealing with it for decades, it's just part of being on the radio.  It's time to get over it. Get over yourself. Assume the best instead of the worst. Most of all, let's all (and ME very much included) try not to say anything on the internet that we wouldn't say to each other in person.