Forgive me for the self indulgent title, I am somewhat required to include the most pertinent information in the title to make the blogs "searchable".  I also want to apologize for not making this blog a video, but I wanted to leave out as few people as possible.

It is fun to go toe to toe with the haters. They're like cockroaches, they scurry away when the lights are on. On this blog, which will be boring for most, I want to thank the supporters of FMX and myself.  When I arrived at Asking Alexandria the other night, I could barely move. I was surround by handshakes, hugs and requests for pictures (If I was a little "quick' keep in mind I was suffering from bronchitis and needed to get out of there there were the problems with the show that I wanted to sort out).  It is a joy to get a hug from "Big E" the barbecue man, my security girl Becky, my buddy Big Wes (yes, he's bigger than me) and my running buddies Corey, James and Jade. Then there's the rest of you listeners who care enough to say hi and I really wish I could stop and get to know you, but like I said, I had business and it's hard to talk when there's a band on stage.

Online there's almost never a day that goes by that Cathrine doesn't give something her trademark "Woot! Woot!".  There's my new friend Don who is fighting a mighty battle with cancer on the West Coast and for whatever reason likes to keep up with Lubbock through my blogs.  Mr. Morrell is always on Facebook with a "give 'em hell" or "keep 'em coming".  Artist Lynn Day is always there to turn things to the absurd.  I've also made a new friend who just suffered a terrible loss that kind of hits close to home and I'm doing my best to support him (It's best he has his privacy now).  My girl Jordan brings a bit of normalcy to things every once in a while. I've become a bit of a West Coast phenomenon thanks to my friend Tami and Jonathan from "Gay Of Thrones"  Let's not forget Jeff Allen from the Car Chasers. He's another guy who might be a little better off not associating with me, but he's always there. Then there's my buddy Art, who every time I stir up crap, posts a song request for some Iron Maiden or something in the  middle of the thread. Then there's just you regular guys and gals, who just went out of their way to say something nice. That's pretty cool.

In real life my friends vary from motorcycle enthusiasts to members of S.W.A.T., from professional comedians to farmers, nurses and so many more.

There is a point to this.  I don't want you to EVER think I'm being dogged or carrying the weight of too many haters. I have far too much love, far more than any one person deserves,  from the good people of West Texas and beyond.

You guys be awesome to each other.