I don't always have to try to annoy Wes Nessman, sometimes I will just throw random song quotes from different bands at him to see what his reaction. This video shows Wes Nessman showing off his vocal range and what would into a great story about The Darkness.

One of my secret obsessions is a band called The Darkness and I know that you remember their hit "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" off of their album "Permission To Land" which I wore out.

When people watch the video they of course crack up but its the very last seconds that most people ask me about is what was the story that Wes Nessman was about to talk about. Now let me say this I am a sucker for a good rock story especially back in the day but to get Driver and Wes to talk about them is like pulling teeth. You have to catch them in the right moment and beleive me there have some pretty gnarley stories. So I am not going to tell what the story was that Wes said you will just have to ask him for yourself. BE WARNED I DO DROP A F-BOMB HERE!