Man, it seems like all I do is deal with haters sometimes. The reason is simple, people generally don't tell you when you're doing okay or even great, they just love to complain.  Anyways, this video form allows me to express things a little better.


For the reason I just explained, I make a point of telling people when they're doing a good job.  Sometimes it freaks them out. This past week I was over at Covenant and I pointed at a nurse in a group and said aloud "that one is a good one", and the rest of the nurses looked like I was about to throw them in the back of the van and take them to be sacrificed.  Anyways, here's another video blog in which I finally get to answer one of my least favorite questions.  I have to warn you again that the language is VERY foul and this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK (unless you're a sailor).