I read a story in the news today about a teenage girl who wanted to start an atheist group in her school. After winning in court, her Christian classmates took it upon themselves to hassle her calling her a c@$%, a bitch, and of course, Satan. Is that really how you Christians want to be seen?

I can't stand bullies and that's why I'm announcing this officially here. I'm in the minority around here. I don't believe. I did believe for 35 years, was saved twice and baptized once. I didn't "lose" my faith. I'm not mad at God. I just don't believe there is one.

I'm not going to try to convince you of anything and it really doesn't matter what I think of your beliefs.  Remember, none of this is about your beliefs, it's about mine.  We have a lot of gay leaders in this community and I've always thought less of them because they haven't come out. Sure it's their right to live how they want, but it would really help those gay teens to see that you can be gay, have a life and be successful.  So for that reason, I want other people to know that you can be good without God.  I don't think I even have to list my good works here.  I think that 99% of the people who have met me think I'm a pretty good guy.  I just think differently than you.

None of this will come as a surprise to those on my personal Facebook page, in fact they're probably laughing at the mild tone here. If you need a friend in disbelief, I'm here for you. I would also like to state that I'm not going to sound or act any different on the air; this is the me that you've known me off and on FMX on since 1981. This is about who I am off air and making sure others like me know they are not alone.  On the flip, I am surrounded with Christians and we get along fine so I don't see why my relationship with listeners or readers should change either.  I just can't stand by and watch a kid get pushed around and do nothing.