Yesterday as we were preparing for the Chevelle meet and greet, a listener who had won one of our spots on the meet and greet asked Wes for a simple request and got told off.

It always seems to happen, is that there is someone that has forgotten something in their car and they need to get it right around the time we need to walk to the designated area for a meet and greet. It is the easiest way to get left behind and miss out on whatever is going on.

Now Wes being the nice guy that he is got the guys keys and said where is your car and Wes walked out to the guys car to get his phone. It seems like no big deal right? Well here is the deal if we allow someone to walk back to their car not only will that open up the flood gate of everyone else needing to run back to their car but it also annoys the security because the listeners have already been searched for weapons, drugs so forth and now they have to do it all over again it is just easier to not allow this.

As Wes was walking back I talked to one of the listeners and gave him a proposition that if he walked up to Wes and handed him his keys and told Wes, hey man I left my smokes in the car can you go get him for me I would buy him a beverage.

Of course Wes Nessman didn't disappoint with his reaction and we all got a good laugh out of it!