I've been going around all week with Scooby-Doo bandages on my shredded finger (and another on my tattoo scar). Of course I trust all of my wound care to a ghost fighting talking dog.  I then went to 'man-up' a bit at the pharmacy and I was surrounded by Strawberry Shortcake, Dinosaurs and others. It occurred to me then, there are no bandages for men.

First off there's the problem that men normally don't use bandages unless they are literally bleeding to death.  It's my thought we can still sell a million dollars worth because there's still shank wounds, stripper bites and partial dismemberments by bears and other wounds that do need to be covered from time to time.

So, what's the actual idea? Mandages, (because Mandaids doesn't sound good). In each box we'll give you two black bandages, two that look like bacon, two that look like a bullet bandolier and a half dozen that look like wounds that are even bigger than the wound you're covering (acidic brown recluse spider bite, bullet wound, exposed bone). We'll also feature some picture mandages with things on them like throwing stars, nude women and flames. Oh, and the "bonus pack" available only at warehouse stores will include six free mandages that look like duct tape.

So how about it?  Who wants to make a million bucks?