I WANT MY INTERNET MONEY.  Yes, I'm starting a trend and I want to get paid.  Then again, it's okay by me if you get paid too.  This time I'm talking about hats, t-shirts, licensed characters, lunchboxes and the works. I coined the term "Dustbilly" and I want credit.

So you want proof I coined the term "Dustbilly"?  Do a Google search of the term.  The first video that comes up is the guy who I started calling that name (he's signing a nasty song about Pat Robertson). As a matter of fact, only one other use of the term "dustbilly" comes up at all and it's inactive. My friend  has a trailer he calls "Hillbilly Hell" and I was always calling him "hillbilly".  Well after a while I realized that I was being technically inaccurate and started calling him "dustbilly" and started using the term on air as well.

I have even submitted the term to the Urban Dictionary with the definition:  A person with "hillbilly" like tendencies, but heralding from dust bowl type areas like West Texas and Oklahoma.

And my example sentence is:  You can tell be the Bible, beer and grit on the table, that a dustbilly lives here. 

Or to be more specific: The dustbillies in Lubbock love football, watching Duck Dynasty, and dual cab pickups. 

All you need now is a dustbilly "character" that you can use to market the term and concept. I must insist his name be "Lucious" after the first dustbilly.  Good luck and enjoy your million dollars.