Every once in a while once of us will write or story or post up a video that we want to share with our friends. Then, some self-righteous windbag will write "...well that was a waste of two minutes of my time...".  Oh, really?


So, something somebody posted was a "waste of your time"?  Well, I'm sorry to take you off that nuclear project, I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON FACEBOOK.  Facebook, by definition is a waste of time.  Watching videos and reading opinions are for the most part a waste of time.  I have seen very, very, very few postings that I would define as inspirational moments or opportunities to educate yourself.  Guess what's popular on the internet?  Stuff like "The Beat Boxing Squirrel".

Anyways, don't be a smug douchebag and say something is a "waste of your time".  If you were important, if you were doing anything important, if the commissioner was calling you on the red phone to save Gotham, you wouldn't be on Facebook, now would you?

One other item. If you're tired of getting game requests.  Get rid of your friends.  Your friends found something fun that they wanted to share with you. There's no reason to be a jerk about it.

Now, shut up and watch the Beatboxing squirrel.