There are a few places that all men hold sacred. Their 'Man Cave', their time in the bathroom, their lucky jersey and their favorite gentlemen's club. In Lubbock (and all of West Texas), the place that is tops is Jaguars Gold. There are thousands of reasons to love Jaguars, but one of the main reasons is that their DJs play the perfect songs for each girl. It's a thing of beauty.

That got the old ball rolling on the conversation of which songs did we think were the best to strip to. We already did our list for the songs we thought were the worst to strip to, and Painman did his personal list of best stripper songs, but we haven't done a list where we ask you, the listener.

So for the next couple of days we want you to nominate songs that  you consider the best strip club songs. List your nominations in our Facebook Widget below.

We'll gather up all of your nominations, whittle the list down and put it to a vote. Remember, this is your list. We want to hear from you so let's get this ball rolling!