Okay, Mother's Day in Lubbock will also be the 44th anniversary of the tornado hitting the town.  This is very appropriate because if you mess up mothers day, there will be mass chaos and destruction.

Stephen Chernin, Getty Images

First off, who owes who a gift?  If you're mom is alive, of course she is the one to honor. Now, what if you have a kid, do you have to do something for your wife since she's the mother of your children?  Or do you have to do something "from the children" since they can't really go shopping on Mother's Day themselves?

Okay, now how about those of you who don't live close to their mothers?  Is sending a gift enough, or do you have to call too?  It's easier for me to just send something because my mom will literally talk until my arm and ear are numb. I'm just not a phone guy to begin with either.  My phone calls should all be "hi, love you too, see ya later".  That's about enough for me no matter what.

Lastly, on a more serious note, there's a lot of people with their cheery "Happy Mother's Day!" greetings and it can be a very sad thing.  There are many of you of an age where you've already lost your mother.  There are also some of you who are estranged from your mom.  I feel bad that you can't go into a store without getting hit in the face with Mother's Day balloons or tripping over floral displays.

It's nice that there is a day devoted to moms, but let's remember that it's just another greeting card holiday.  Either tell your mom you love her whenever you can or don't, you shouldn't have to wait for a special day.

I wish you all a happy day, no matter how you spend it.