This year's Carnival of Madness tour has a killer headline. So killer that it's hard to say what band we're most excited for. Yes, there's no hiding the fact that four of these bands were here in Lubbock not along ago, but each of those four and the headliner, Evanescence, are still ready to kick some tail.

Each band brings their own style and sound to the table. Evanescence hasn't been in Lubbock in years and many rock fans are ready for their show. Other's are excited for the new music that Chevelle and Halestorm have released since their last visit. While those die hard rockers are ready for CAVO and New Medicine.

That's the question we now pose to you. Which of the five bands are you most excited to see? Sound off in the poll below and check out a bonus video from a Carnival of Madness band!

FMX Presents the Carnival of Madness Tour
Feat. Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, CAVO & New Medicine
Friday, August 17th at the Lone Start Amphitheater
Tickets on sale now through Ticketfly