For me, pineapple on a pizza is a deal breaker.  For some people, it's the only way to have a pie.  Then there's the sauce, the other toppings, veggies. This can really get to be serious pizza.  For reasons that may or may not be revealed later, I'm hoping you'll tell me about your "ultimate" pizza.


Here's some questions to guide you in describing your "Ultimate Pizza".

*What kind of crust?

*How much attention do you pay to the sauce? Do you ever get too much or too little?

*Have you ever got "too much" cheese?

*What meat toppings do you like?

*What veggies do you like?

*Do you like exotic toppings, like eggplant, or just the regular stuff?

and finally,

*What place makes a pie that is close to your dream pizza right now?