The short answer to the headline is: People Are Buttholes.  I followed a link from our sister site at KISS FM called "Carrie Underwood Had This Strange Body Part Removed".  I was bored and it sounded interesting.  I mean, imagine if I she had a tail or horns, I would have been stoked with my new found knowledge.  Instead it was a story about her having a tiny third nipple. I still found the blog slightly more interesting than the replay of "Gangster Squad" on t.v.  What was crazy though were the comments.

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So some blogger somewhere wrote up this nice little piece of trivia for Carrie's fans and what's the first thing people do?  Try to tear him/her down of course. Here's some gems:

"Devoted fans of Carrie no this-not newsworthy"

"Wow! It must be a slow day since you put such a dumb article on Yahoo. There is nothing told in this article that is noteworthy. I think all of us has done some of these same things and are not concerned with who knows it"

"Interesting facts about Carrie, that supposedly we didn't know. Are already out there, Taste Of Country did it usually bad job of research"

(All tragic misspellings above were from the original comments)

Now, I've been on the other side of this before, but it's really interesting to pull it apart.   First off, why even assume "everybody already knows this"?  Did you know Hendrix could play guitar either right handed or left handed?  Most of you didn't. Then there's people like me who haven't spent one minute researching this girl, but when you talk about her possibly  have a parasitic twin under her arm, I'm interested.

Now let's look at the snotty jerk who said it "must be a slow day". Well apparently he didn't have much to do because he took the time to write a post on the site.  Also, I didn't see anyone force you to read the article.  And exactly what news about Carrie would have been "good enough" for this guy not to complain?  Seriously butthole, you were looking at the entertainment news on Taste Of Country, what did you expect?  Stock tips? Secret code? A message from Jesus?

So if you don't like something, why even bother with it?  Or even better, and this is TRULY what I wish these types would do is, write your own damn blog.  I challenge each and everyone of them to get behind a keyboard and try to do better.

In the interest of disclosure, two of those comments were written by the same person (who looks like he could be Freddy Krueger's brother), but still.  I too would have rather of heard about her having a baby arm growing out of her head, but I still was amused for a minute.  Heck, if nothing else, it got me to thinking about her nipples and that's not a bad thing from where I sit.

 Here's the original story  from Taste Of Country.