Recently there have been riots and Americans killed due to the burning of some Korans. This is a sensitive topic and simply, we f@#$ed up.  First off, NO ONE should ever loose their life over printed pieces of paper, it's absolutely ridiculous.  Not knowing that this is what was going to happen is even more ridiculous.  I didn't start out with this opinion, it was after I started doing some research on the "other side" of the issue that I found out some stuff that makes it look like we "stubbed our toe" on this issue.  More after the jump.

My original argument was and still is pretty simple, it's not the physical book, but the information inside that should be considered "sacred".  Saying a book with religion inside is "holy" seems like you're saying a book with auto parts inside is a "car".  The problem is, with the Koran, that's just how it is.  Every single page of the Koran is considered sacred by some.  This seems odd to me.  When does it become sacred, from the minute the paper is milled  or when the first or last word is on the page?  So, even though it's weird to me, this is what these people believe, which takes me to a side story that shows even the Muslim world has many sides to the story.

There is actually a guy who is famous in Afghanistan for going into the sewers and "rescuing" pages of the Koran that people have used for toilet paper.  Now, what does it say about a culture where some people use their religious manual for toilet paper and others use it as an excuse for murder?  It says We should have known better than to dispose of those Koran's in fire.  Adding to this is the Koran itself which explicitly tells you how to dispose of Koran's.  You are supposed to tie them in a bundle, attach it to a rock and throw it in some body of water mafia style.  We could have avoided all of this just by opening the book and seeing what was inside.

Now, once again, I don't give a damn if these people beat each other over the heads with rocks and continue to live in caves for the rest of their day on earth, but we SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that there would be retaliation against Americans for burning Koran's. A lot of you at this point might be thinking "well they burn OUR flag".  The difference is we happen to be smart enough to know that the flag itself is cloth, and that what it SYMBOLIZES can't be burned away. We're dealing with dumb asses that have nothing but a book that they hold dear, so what the hell do you think was going to happen when you threw that book in the fire?

Let's get ALL Americans out of the region and let these people live the miserable lives they seem to so desperately want for themselves.  I'm not willing to loose even ONE more American life in the pursuit of freedom for people who do not appreciate it. The soldiers we lost fought valiantly to give these people a chance at a better life, it's not our fault if they don't take advantage of it.  There's a saying I'm quite fond of that fits this situation: you can beat a dog with a loaf of bread all day but that doesn't mean he'll learn to make you a sandwich.

What's your thoughts?  I'd love to hear them.