This is Texas "y'all" we take our sports seriously, sports here is any program that requires a "coach" for those of you who are unsure about activities like chess, cheerleading, or pep squad.

I am sure all Lubbock residents remember the day we lost Mike Leach to the scandal Adam James caused by crying to his daddy that he had to sit out of practice because of a concussion... dark room my ass, in HIS video there was light and a table and a chair and I'm willing to say some things we were not allowed to see in the small snippet of video he filmed for us.

Now a cheerleader in Cyprus Woods. Texas has done the same thing as James, she recorded her coach "calling the team "Highfalutin heifers."

I've listened to the clip and the coach does yell and rant at the girls, while it may not be the feel good "you're all so wonderful" feeling we all seem to think kids need these days, my bet is it is far less than what many of us got from our coaches when we were younger.

Maybe it's time to realize that athletics really is a good place for kids to learn about life, they learn discipline, they learn to think on their feet, and they learn how to deal with real people who act like *ssholes sometimes.

This whole era of not getting on to kids and always making them feel all warm and fuzzy is clearly not preparing kids for life, instead it is making them feel a sense of entitlement that everyone should kiss their butts and tell them how wonderful they are.

Let's go back to the days of teaching children right from wrong and punishing them for being rude and disrespectful. Maybe then we won't have a generation of people who think if they don't get what they want that it is ok to take it by force, or sue someone for hurting their feelings.