I was sitting on my couch yesterday and a Guitar Center commercial came up and Papa Het from Metallica was featured in the commercial. So to answer the question what makes a great commercial, you put James Hetfield with a guitar and turn him loose.

When you watch this commercial it just makes you want to go out and get a guitar and start jamming out. I think that's very important when wanting to learn to play an instrument is to be inspired. Even though this commercial is 30 seconds, it's pretty metal commercial when James Hetfield starts into a pretty gnarley riff

I have very little musical talent and have been known to get on a mic from time to time to throw down some Rage or Quiet Riot but that's really it.

It has been to long since Metallica has been to Lubbock and we are always looking to get them back, we just have to be patient.

Checkout the commercial and go get a guitar and be inspired!