So I was perusing around on Youtube listening to various Marilyn Manson cover songs and realized this guy has done a ton of cover songs. Way more than I ever knew.

Obviously, we're all familiar with Tainted Love, Sweet Dreams, Personal Jesus, and Highway to Hell, but did you know the guy (in one form or another) has covered well over 30 songs? Can you imagine walking into a bar to see a cover band and it happens to be Marilyn Manson?

Seriously though, between albums and on stage, this guy has covered all of these songs:

  • "1999"
  • "A Rose and a Baby Ruth"
  • "Alabama Song"
  • "Baby You're a Rich Man"
  • "Come Together"
  • "Dirt"
  • "Eye"
  • "Don't You Want Me"
  • "Down in the Park"
  • "Five to One"
  • "Get My Rocks Off"
  • "Golden Years"
  • "Happiness Is a Warm Gun"
  • "Helter Skelter"
  • "Highway to Hell"
  • "I Got You"
  • "I Put a Spell on You"
  • "It's a Small World"
  • "Little Child"
  • "Mind of a Lunatic"
  • "Mirror People"
  • "One in a Million"
  • "Personal Jesus"
  • "Redeemer"
  • "Rock 'n' Roll N*****"
  • "Sick City"
  • "Spine of God"
  • "Strawberry Fields Forever"
  • "Suicide Is Painless"
  • "Surrender"
  • "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
  • "Tainted Love"
  • "The KKK Took My Baby Away"
  • "This Is Halloween"
  • "What Goes Around... Comes Around"
  • "Working Class Hero"

Some of those I can hear him doing but some of those I can't. However, the guy is super talented at covering other people's music. Wes thinks Manson would be good at covering the Tom Waits song "God's Away On Business".

What about you? What songs do you think Marilyn Manson should cover?

Not that he is checking this blog and will take your advice, I'm just curious as to what songs you can hear him covering in your head.

Here's the official video for his cover of Personal Jesus (orig. by Depeche Mode).