Yeah, pretty tough topic. Here's the deal.  They've confirmed that the leader of the country had chemical weapons used on his own people. Evidently sometime in history world leaders said "no fair" to their use.  Now everybody is looking to the U.S. to help, and I'm really starting to wonder "what's the point?"

It looks like Thursday we'll be a part of another Middle East War.  All our allies are in line and the world is watching.  Russia seems to have a problem with it, but these days that's like Idaho or something disagreeing with you; it just doesn't matter.

Here's the problem.  We can't win.  I don't mean that we can't beat their armies to a bloody pulp and topple their leader, I mean we can't win a moral or psychological battle with these people.  Trust me, the "YEAH The Americans are here!" thing is going to last about five minutes.  Then, somebodies cousin, who was probably involved in the chemical attacks, will get killed then all of a sudden every one hates us for our involvement.  There's also the high possibility Israel will get involved and that makes everyone who isn't from Israel nervous.  Let's also not forget, that when you come in and save a country like this that the men feel emasculated and embarrassed that they couldn't do it themselves so they end up hating you because you have a bigger wienie when it comes to war.

It's said that "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to stand by and do nothing".  I don't know the answer here.  You would think the only good solution to a problem like this is for the people of Syria to get fed up and fight for change themselves, but that's hard this to do when the leader can kill you with a whiff of chemicals.  In the movies we'd put together another Seal Team Six or a new version of "The Expendables" and just go assassinate the top bad guys.  Instead, well lob a bunch of bombs at the guys, we may or may not get the leaders to step down, and ever body who lost some one in the collateral damage will swear vengeance on us and start wars with us in the years to come. As horrible as it may sound, I'm for letting the people of the Middle East to take care of their own problems. We've been burned by this scenario too many times before.  Syria is "the drunk guy at the bar".  As soon as we break up their fight, they'll want to fight us.