Everyone seems to "want" food trucks now. I can't figure out what the problem is.  Apparently food trucks can set up on private property right now, so what's the big deal?


It's pretty obvious to me why food trucks can't set up on city streets. First, traffic problems and second, what about the guys selling food at a nearby brick and mortar place?  Is there something else I'm missing here?

I do find it a bit odd that people are pitching food trucks in Lubbock as "progress".  I kind of think that burning fossil fuels to make you a sandwich qualifies as "progress".  I haven't seen of you guys look at a pizza delivery guy and say "wow, that's progress".

The trucks had a nice little turnout when they advertised their event and gave away free samples. It was because, they ADVERTISED THEIR EVENT AND GAVE AWAY FREE SAMPLES.  Normally food trucks don't advertise so no one really knows where and when to find them.

Even with all of this said, I think food trucks are a great idea, I've always patronized Big E's whenever I could.  I just asked someone on Facebook "what are the food trucks fighting for?" and no one seems to know. Maybe you can provide an answer.  I will be happy to clarify all of this online and/or on air if someone can explain it to me.

*****I received the following update/explanation from my friend Larry Simmons of the Tornado Gallery

Here you go in a nutshell. Mobile food permits are given to inspected vehicles capable of serving hot and cold food. They are mobile restaurants and subject to the same health standards as restaurants. No argument there $200 per year. The kicker is they cannot set up on public right of way or public property without getting a city council approved permit-cost $250 per year. Non residential areas only as I understand. We have had Crustys at the LDFM for a couple of years. I don't think a single truck has applied for the permit. Folks there are about 135 mobile food permits out there. Maybe there should be some relaxing, say at ball games on city property. Tornado wants one for First Friday. Sorry about the speech-(Larry Simmons)

Thanks to Larry for clearing this up a bit.



Now this is crazy. While looking for pics of food trucks, I would video of one exploding YESTERDAY.  Check it out.

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