I like the commemorative rubber/silicone wristbands that are being passed around.  The question is, what do you do when you have too many, or if someone wants one?


I had several in memory of Dimebag (snapped 'em all), several local bands, one promoting testicular cancer awareness, and one that said something like "punk, zany, friend....".  I'm always honored to be thought of and included by those people passing them out. My question is, what do you do when you have too many?  You can wear about 3 on one arm, after that you're kind of full up.  Do you give them to people who compliment you on them?  Are they are "pass it on" kind of thing, or am I making a lifetime commitment to the person who gave it to me?  I ask these questions because this trend tends to be a late high-school/early college kind of thing and I'm just a little bit out of that loop.  So are there "rules", or do you just wear them until you're tired of wearing them?  I'm VERY interested in your responses.