Over the years I have been at FMX, myself and Wes Nessman have had some pretty funny moments. And at The BPP we added another story under our belts and this time it was with Canadian Metal Band Blackguard.

When I first arrived to The BPP, WEs had told me that Blackguard had dropped off the bill for whatever reason. Now I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty disappointed withe news but the show must go on.

Blackguard was suppose to play early at The BPP and as I walking through The Pavilion I saw blackguard on stage and I thought well that's pretty cool that they made here. I didn't put any more thought into it and I went backstage to start my radio shift.

As I am sitting at our FMX table some of the members of Blackguard sat at the table to eat. As they were eating I was waiting to for them to finsih and I was going to hit them up to do a quick interview.

Now to give you a description of the FMX table we had a banner laid out so the bands that stopped by the table could have the opportunity to autograph the banner and so on. So our buddy Woodson asked Blackguard to sign the banner which they happily did.


Now here comes Wes Nessman and he sits right by me at the table to make sure everything is running smoothly and he looks down at the banner and sees the Blackguard autograph and he looks at me and says "How In !@#$ did they sign the banner when they are not even here?" I started laughing and told Wes well they are sitting right next you. Wes without missing a beat asks "Well did yall play?" and again we started laughing again.And Wes not wanting to have someone one up him he started throwing some dirt Blackguard's way. It was all in good fun and I'm glad Blackguard were good sports.

It was a great rock and roll story and there was some more playful pokes at eachother that I won't go into.

Check out the audio from rhythm guitarist Terry from Blackguard. A great bunch of people that survived Wes Nessman throwing some jokes their way.