There's nothing like a sold out concert to send people into a panic mode.  As usual FMX had all concert information announced months ago and when concert day came around, everybody lost their mind and ability to think.  More after the jump.

There was only one question when concert day rolled around; what time do the gates open?   The answer is, "concert time".  Since when do rock concerts have to be punctual?  I thought we were rockers.  There were people there at three on the day of the show, guess what?  No matter what time the gates opened, the people who just wanted to rock were in line in front of you.  You see, you fall into one of two categories, 1. First in or 2. Last in.  That's it.  The tickets said "show at 8:00".  They started printing it that way so they can open the gates when they're ready.

Next up is "what time are the bands going on?"  We usually have an approximate answer to this, but every time we publish it, the bands move things around.  Rock bands are not on the same timetable as you. They don't care if you have work tomorrow or have to catch a ride. They assume that you came to rock and that if you have an appointment on Tuesday, you were smart enough to cancel it.

Where things started getting really silly was, "who's opening the show?" and "where is the show?".  We seriously announced those things a couple of months ago, it was on the radio ads and on the free posters we handed out.  Us d.j.s have said it so many times at this point that we're repeating it in our sleep.  You say you don't listen to the radio station?  Well, then I could really give a rats ass about giving you any information.  If there's no benefit for us, I'm not wasting my time with you.

We don't mind listeners calling the radio station and asking ANY questions. We like talking to you and if we know if we get certain questions over the air then maybe we need to focus our information flow in that area.  We also understand that some of you are not 'connected' and that short-circuits what information is available to you.  Once again, we LOVE TALKING to listeners.  What absolutely, positively drives us crazy is how someone will post a basic question on the internet.  You're already on the internet, why not just go to our web page and get the answer?  That's why it's there.  Until lunchtime on the day of Volbeat there was very prominent link on the masthead of with details.




(as seen above, we keep the information of the major shows displayed on the masthead)

We also published no less than a dozen blogs with videos, details, member lineup changes, favorite songs and whatever.  So please, could you meet us halfway?  We literally had people on our Facebook page post "what time is the show?" DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION "what time is the show?"  They would then get mad at us because we didn't answer immediately.

This blog doesn't concern the 99% of you who pay attention. As for you 1%, tune in, log-in, or just call.  Concert information isn't a science but we can usually get you a little closer to the answers you want.  Now, I'm off to get all the details I can get you on X-Fest 10!