I went to to Dallas this weekend and took my girlfriend to a concert which was A Day To Remember and we had a blast, but what was really cool was I ran into Rex Brown of Pantera and Kill Devil Hill, but what wasn't cool was how he acted.

Now first off lets look at the situation, when Danielle and I got to The Verizon Theater and walked up to get our tickets there was nobody in line for tickets and there wasn't a line for people to waiting to get in the show. As I was walking up I saw Rex Brown of Pantera and Kill Devil Hill standing by himself either putting tickets in his pocket or whatever it was that he was doing but he didn't look like he was curing a disease or anything like that.

I simply walked up to him and said "Holy S@!t, Rex Brown" and he looked up and said " I don't have time" and walked off. I said some words to him that weren't very nice expressing my disappointment being a long time Pantera fan that I am I felt like he may not of cared what I said but at least he heard me.

I was dismissed from his presence in a way that I felt was uncalled for. Now the question is, was I wrong for approaching him and saying hi? I don't think I was in the wrong because there wasn't ANYONE around him when I said hi, I didn't make an a$$ of myself and be loud and embarrass him, it was just a simple what's up.

I am not going to say that he should be great full that some recognized him at a show outside of him normal scene, but he has a brand new book out and a band that is called Kill Devil Hill. Does it matter that I am a radio DJ? Of course not but for the fact that your career is based on fans spending their money to see you or read your book and you treat people like that? I could honestly careless if I ever got the chance to see his band or read his book. But the fact is with my experience with Rex Brown of Pantera was really disappointing.

After all that I would really like to know your opinion on this situation, when is ok to approach a rock star and say hi?