My friend Reece from Wichita Falls posed this particular question. It used to be simple, head to Grandy's.  Well Lubbock and Wichita Falls both lost their Grandy's.  Now, yes I know that while Grandy's was far from the best, it still was NEVER disappointing.  So it got my thinking, where would I go?

The only place that comes to mind for a big, nice chicken fried steak is the 50th Street Caboose.  I haven't been in there in ages (for reasons unrelated to the food) though.  So where would you go?  Where would you go for the deluxe version of a chicken fried steak? Also, where's the best place for a cheapie chicken fried steak?  Now, I guess it goes withought saying, but don't even comment unless it comes with white gravy.

I know some of you are itchin' to say "my house" or "my moms".  The fact of the matter is, I've also been told that mine are EXCEPTIONAL.  I want a list of places that anyone can go to when they're cravin' a chicken fried steak.  How 'bout it?


In case I got you in the mood, this recipe ain't bad.