We've been asked what happened to X-Fest, so I thought I'd explain it to you.  FMX has had any number of festivals each year depending on what was available.  The first show of the year is usually the FMX Birthday Bash.  The first big outdoor show was usually X-Fest.

Last year we had 3 big shows in a row so we needed a new show name.  We've used any number of names from "Taintfest" to "The Hotter Than Hell Hoedown".  We decided to play off the popularity of color runs out there and do "The FMX Big Purple Party".  We decked the place out in purple and painted people purple when they came in.  It ended up being really fun because everybody got into the "purple spirit" of the show.

Seeing as there any number of "X-Fests" out there we made a decision.  The first big outdoor party of the year should be "The FMX Big Purple Party".  In the event we end up with another festival, it may or may not be called "X-fest".   We just think "The FMX Big Purple Party" has an identity all it's own, whereas we we're sharing the X-Fest name with other folks. So, the reality is, The FMX Big Purple Party is taking the place of X-Fest.

Now this may seem a kind of weird change to you, but think about it from the other side of the barrier. There WILL be rock stars who will talk about "the party in Lubbock where everybody and everything is purple".  Believe it or not, these kind of things can come into play on occasion.  These guys want to play fun shows and "The FMX Big Purple Party" sounds like, and is fun.