I think the title of this blog pretty much sums it up. These guys and gals apparently have a bitch but I can' t quite figure out what they want to do about that bitch.  I agree with a lot of what they say about and a lot I think is plain paranoia.  So why am I even sharing this video?  I think, if nothing else, it blames both political sides for the problems we have and that, is pretty accurate.

I like the term they use "plutocracy" or "rule by the wealthy".  It is a sad fact that you have to be rich to run for office or you have to have rich people on your side. It seems a little "anti-American dream" to me.  But whatever, I'm telling you right now you'll call "bullsh!t" on some of the stuff these folks say, but that doesn't mean that some of it isn't important as well.  So, if you have few minutes check it out.