I'd love to be the guy that everybody loves, but that wouldn't be true to myself. I would rather be 'real' than be liked.  Then again, sometimes it bugs me when I put up a post and not every body agrees with me.  I'm sure that in the world of Facebook you've put up a post or two and also been hated on or at least misinterpreted.


The thing I've found is, most people do agree with me.  That's how "friends" are.  You hang out with people who are like you and like and or hate the same things as you. Now, people who don't like you, or don't know you are about a bazillion times more likely to disagree or put something nasty on your page.

I've learned that the first thing I should do when someone has a problem with me online is to look at their profile. What I've found is that most times, and I'm talking more than 9 out of ten times, more like 999 out of a 1000 times, is that person was never a fan or friend to begin with. It's usually just somebody who someone "tripped" across our page or my blog. Then there are the drama mamas and drama daddies that will pass the story along to someone they know will take exception to it.

Now if I was a smart guy (and sometime I am) I just ban or delete that person from the page. I'm not looking to censor anyone, but if you don't listen to me or my station, then I really don't care what you have to say.

I tell you all of this not just to clarify where I'm coming from, but also to assist you in cutting down on the drama on your pages.  Before you let someone raise your blood pressure, consider the source.