Two insanely hot girls in delicate pastel lingerie are writhing around in satin sheets with a very lucky guy. No, we’re not talking about breakfast at Charlie Sheen’s house.

The sexy premise of a raucous threesome featuring two beautiful models in lingerie in between, under, and on top of the sheets is used in ‘The Initiate’ for Agent Provocateur, the Summer 2012 campaign commercial for the luxury lingerie brand. Watch the ‘The Initiate’ for Agent Provocateur commercial below, you know, for gift ideas:

The star of ‘The Initiate’ for Agent Provocateur commercial is Mylene Jampanoi. A French actress best known to American audiences as ‘Reporter Jasmine’ in the Clint Eastwood-directed ‘Hereafter,’ Jampanoi has starred in French TV shows and films like ‘Valley of Flowers’ and the French-Canadian shock horror film ‘Martyrs.’

Jampanoi, 31, also starred in another Agent Provocateur commercial ‘The Muse,’ which, like
‘The Initiate’ for Agent Provocateur commercial, was directed Jordan Scott, daughter of esteemed director Ridley Scott (‘Alien,’ ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Gladiator’ and more).

With extraordinary acting range that matches her abundant physical beauty, expect more American exposure for Mylene Jampanoi.