I noticed an item the other day that they are bringing back the "Texas Tech Committee For Champions".  At issue is low season ticket sales and pumping up the community for Tech Football games.  That's what they think the issue is anyways.  More after the jump.

The problem with Tech is their innate ability to take your loyalty and take a dump all over it.  Now, before we get to far into this, from what I've seen so far the players are hard working guys who are willing to do what it takes to win, they are being hamstrung by the administration and it's past actions.

Most of this circles around Mike Leach.  Notice I didn't say the 'dismissal' of Mike Leach, we'll get to that in a moment.  Mike Leach was a bastard.  Yep, he was a real jerk to the media and if you said one bad thing about him he'd do everything in his power to shut you down.  He had a chip on his shoulder and I don't know why.  You know why I don't care if people call me gay?  Because I'm so obviously NOT gay ( I also think that the stigma attached to being gay is going away, but that's another blog).  Why should Leach care what a silly little sports reporter says when that reporter has never coached NCAA football, never led a winning team and never will get a salary of a couple million a year?  Still Leach, and/or his cronies made a concerted effort to get one of our guys fired and when we did not fire him, we found our football contracts in jeopardy (we later told 'em to F' off, which made me soooooooooo happy!).

Then there's the other side of the coin, the people who loved Leach.  They loved his quirkiness, his fast paced coaching style and his turn of a phrase.  These people were peeved when their beloved coach was thrown to the lions.  What did those fans get for their devotion and purchase of season tickets?  Nothing, Nada, Zip and Zero.  So in short, Leach alienated a ton of people around him, and this caused him to be fired for something he didn't deserve to be fired for.

Next on the list of Tech failures is the skyrocketing cost of going to a game.  It seems Tech has a chip on it's shoulder about being priced comparably with other teams in the conference.  Guess what?  We aren't other teams in the conference.  You can't charge what other teams get, you have to charge what the people of your community are willing to pay.

Let's not forget the complete and utter failure of Texas Tech to plan for parking for games (and for it's students and teachers and guests and on an on).  You would think a school with an engineering department could figure out how many spaces are needed and/or more alternate transportation sources to get people to the games.   Who wants to walk a couple miles in 100 degree heat only to get to sit in 100 degree heat for four hours then walk back in hopefully 90 degree heat.  I'm really surprised more people haven't flat falling over dead going to Tech games.

And what about those business that buy blocks of Tech Tickets, that put out Tech flags and encourage their employees to wear the Red & Black?  Tech moved one of it's game's to Dallas costing the city tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue (sound of sad trombone here).  Way to support your supporters Tech!

Also, the Tech pregame known as "Raider Alley" used to be a community event, then they decided to monetize it.  FMX used to team with the guys that now own Buca's to serve FREE hamburgers to people in Raider Alley (thanks Dane).  Now if you're lucky there's an insurance booth there that will give you a key chain.

Wow, I just realized we could use an old colloquialism to sum up Texas Tech: they act like they're too big for their britches.

Spike Dykes proved that you could win on a (semi) regular basis and still be proud to call Lubbock home.  Then, some administrative tools decided to 'build on our success'.  People in Lubbock aren't having it.  Sure, winning makes a lot of these problems go away, but at this point in history it might be easier to find more parking than to field a winning team.

I've always said that if Texas Tech had legs it would get up and walk out of Lubbock, and it's especially true when it comes to the Football program.  For some reason people around here are afraid to criticize Texas Tech and I don't know why.  If people don't tell you what you're doing wrong, how are you ever going to do better?  What are your thoughts?  Am I off base here?  Can you afford season tickets?  Jump in and say something!