If you listen to The RockShow very much, then you know that I love Motley Crue, but I can't stand Vince Neil. And Wes can't stand Nikki Sixx, but that's for another time. Here I submit to you a challenge. A challenge I will call "The Vince Neil Challenge", and I'll even make it easy for you. Watch this video. This is Vince solo in Las Vegas, doing Motley Crue's "Looks That Kill". Now you know the song, and you probably know most, if not all, of the lyrics.

So the challenge I present to you is to pick a line from the song where you can understand what Vince is singing. With the exception of the opening line "Now listen up", I bet you can't understand another whole line. You don't have to find a whole verse, just a single line where you can decipher what Vince is ACTUALLY singing. Notice I said Vince, not the backup band when they fill in the choruses for him, just Vince. Find any single line in the song that you can understand, and YES, THIS INCLUDES THE CHORUSES.

YOU CAN'T DO IT! You can't understand anything! Mahna Mahna flama-lama-ding dong! That's all I got from it. This is why Vince Neil sucks.

We, as fans, give him crap-tons of money to see him perform, and all he can muster is to prance around stage mumbling through gibberish lines to songs he can't be bothered to remember the words to. I could possibly be cool with it if he were a raging smack addict whose face is constantly numb because of all the smack, who also lost all of his teeth in a bull-riding accident years ago. Or he was such an alcoholic that he has to be wheeled on stage with a vodka IV because he's damaged his liver so badly that the only thing keeping him alive is more vodka, since sobriety would inevitably kill him.

But sadly neither of those is the case. Which leaves us 1 logical conclusion: Vince Neil is a useless douchebag! He's such a douchebag that he mush-a-loft eft gharbled friget. Yeah, I said it.