Every Sunday is my Sunday Funday with my twin boys who are 7 and my girlfriend. She had recommended that we take the boys down to Abilene to check out the Zoo that is there and it made wonder how come Lubbock doesn't have a Zoo?

Now I am sure that this has been discussed with the powers that be and Driver even told me about how we came close around 10 years ago. But still i wonder why Lubbock doesn't have a Zoo.

Now when we went down to Abilene, I was expecting a pretty good price on the activities but I was surprised at the prices and actually impressed.

The boys were very excited to see everything that The Abilene Zoo had to offer including, a reptile house, rhinos, giraffes, and of course lions, tigers and bears. They also had all kinds of feathered friends as well.

If you and your family are looking to get out of town for the weekend then take em to the Zoo in Abilene.

We had a blast and the boys are asking when we could take them again. So I guess until Lubbock ever decides to get a Zoo for us, we will just head to Abilene.