I used to be one of those "less guns" guys.  I still think that most disputes should be handled the good old fashioned man-to-man with fists way (when talking it out is no longer an option).  I don't think it takes a "real man" to pull a gun on someone. I think pulling a gun on someone is one of the most cowardly things you can do.  There's one problem with this, the cowards that use guns to rob, rape and steal.  More after the jump.

I was reading the new novel by Penn Gillette and he made an excellent point about air safety.  By the time the third plane was hijacked on September 11th, Americans knew they had to defend themselves.  The brave men and women on that flight knew they had to fight back against those cowardly terrorist assholes.  Ask yourself this question, what might have happened if an American on any of those flights had a weapon with them?  Things may have turned out different than they did.

Just the other night a nurse friend of mine was freaking a little bit because someone had been robbed at gunpoint, IN FRONT OF THE HOSPITAL.  Now, I think when you're being robbed it's probably best to just hand them the money and call it a day, but you have to evaluate that threat and your options at that time.  If you have a weapon too you may escalate the situation, or you may save your own life; this is choice you should be able to make.

I'm not down with the gun nuts that think the government is out to take away their guns.  I think our government COUNTS on the fact that other countries know our citizens are very well armed.  I WISH guns and other weapons could be wiped from the face of the earth but guess what? The bad guys have guns and as long as the bad guys have guns, the good guys should have them too.  And while I'm on the topic-let's keep the gun debate real; it ain't about a "right to bear arms" (the right lawyer could find a way around that in a minute), it ain't about hunting, it's about your ability to defend yourself against criminal assholes that are packing.