Gawd this town can be so lame.  The lamest part is people putting their hands over their eyes pretending things aren't happening, all the time looking through their fingers for a peep.  Let me back up though.  I saw where there was some type of praise for Lubbock because we landed a 4H convention.  Yippie!  I'll be those kids spent a lot of money, because we all know that kids have giant incomes, right?  More after the jump.

Wanna know why Lubbock doesn't score as many conventions as other towns?  Wanna know why Lubbock doesn't get as many prized sports recruits as other towns?  Want to know the whole dirty truth of it all?  Can you guess where I'm going yet?  It's simple, there are no strip clubs in the city limits.  Yep, this dirty little secret is the key to conventions.  Men who travel out of town for business love to check out the local talent at a place where they won't run into their next door neighbor.  I had heard once that allegedly, even Coach Knight lamented the lack of gentleman's entertainment for recruits (I may be 100% wrong here, but I swear I read that somewhere...please correct me or send me info if I'm wrong or right).

We have Jaguar's Gold just outside of the city, but that apparently isn't the kind of proximity that visitors want. So  Why Not Consider, strip clubs in the city limits? We tried the 'just out of city limits' thing with booze.  It didn't work, now did it?

As I explained before visitors like seeing "local" talent and if they haven't seen our talent, it could lead to increased conventions.  I personally doubt it will ever happen because no politician would want to be 'pro strip clubs", even though I prefer it to be "let's not live in denial".  I could go on about how clubs in the city limit are subjected to more city law enforcement and rules and regulations and it's safer and so on, but you probably wouldn't by it.  The old Player's didn't cause the moral decay of Lubbock.  Heck, we used to have the Flick Theater and Circle Drive-In in city limits in town and it didn't hurt the town.

So the 4H was in town.  Great, whatever Napoleon.  I want to see businessmen with fat ass wallets drop three bills at a strip club, three or four on a hotel, two on dinner and a few more on gifts for their wives and kids because they feel guilty about looking at other naked women.  So, Why Not Consider acting like grown-ups instead of pretending these things don't matter?