This got a lot of response on my Facebook, so I thought I'd bring it up here.  Why did people rush the field after the Tech game?  We had a GREAT win.  We beat a ranked team and we did not let a new Big 12 team establish a pattern in 'our house'.  I still don't get it.  The other team was never 'in' the ball game. There was no last minute excitement. We didn't win despite any great adversity. We just won.  More after the jump.


What's the point of a bunch of jerks rushing the field after  the game?  Don't you know you are tracking gunk, sticky soda, nacho cheese and who knows what else onto a million dollar playing surface?  Some people are even down there with hard heels (not as bad a cleats, but still unnecessary).  Beyond the stuff you're tracking onto the field is the fact that sooner or later one of you idiots is going to get trampled.  Let's also not forget, it makes us like we are really new at the whole concept of 'winning'.

Goal posts don't get torn down in Norman when the Sooners beat Tech.  There is no extra special night of drunken brawling in Austin when they beat the Raiders.  Winning is not new to these teams and they win and lose with dignity and class.  In Lubbock we tend to be very poor sports booing our opponents when they take the field, sometimes even hurling trash at them.  You know, some of those kids are going to give up a knee for a lifetime because they came to play a football game for you.  You can at least give them a little applause when they take the field, then go crazy for the home team.

It is very apparent that one of Coach Tubberville's main tasks is to restore some class to the program. I hope someday the fans will behave the same way. Don't give me that 'he just hates Tech" junk either, I don't like ANY celebrations in sports unless its of the 'last second win' variety.   I'm sure some of you will take issue with this, so my question is simple: why rush the field?  I just don't get it.