This past weekend when Danielle and I were out and about we needed to grab some food quick so we stopped at the Subway, the one located across from the mall. Before we got to order we bumped into a family of four, Dad with his 2 sons and a daughter.

Now I was on full tattooed bearded mode which means I was in shorts and my beard was rockin' and life is mode when I walked into the store. Now as I was going to order I heard one of the boys say "Dad look he has lots of tattoo's do you know him?" and I walked over and said tattooed Dad's are the best. Then Dad introduced himself and he knew who I was so we got to talking a little bit and I started messing around with the kids.

When they were getting ready to leave I was refilling my drink and then his 5 year old daughter came over with her Dad and said "Man you have a long beard" which we laughed about and then they went about their day.

I am a Dad to twin sons and believe me their honesty would put any lie detector to the test. I just think it's really cool that these kids will identify that us bros that wear out tattoo's out in public, that we are the nicest guys out there. Because they aren't use to seeing guys all tattooed from where they are from. I think we have a certain responsibility especially with our kids when they ask honest questions because I hear it all the time from my boys any time they see someone tattooed as much as I am "Dad do you know him."  Now it's not expected by any means but there are several times that the person the boys have been talking about has heard them and just plain and simple said hi back to them.

It's bridging that gap from the old school to the new school, just because we choose to look like garbage doesn't mean we have to act like it.

Cheers to all the tattooed and bearded dad's out there.