In a recent interview with TV Rock Live, Phil Anselmo formerly of Pantera and current front man of Down talked about different topics including why he would write a pop song.

Now of course this is another interesting interview with the legendary front man and I am going to chalk this one up to Phil just waking up and having a mic put in his face and having questions thrown at him.

When asked about his heritage he said his mother was part French and he would write a pop song to get a place to stay in France and he started laughing.

He also talked about the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of "Far Beyond Driven" which was a number 1 album fro Pantera.

“Far Beyond Driven” is the first album that I ever heard from Pantera. I remember a bro of mine who had the cassette tape and we would listen to it ever chance we could get during school. That album was when I started to discover my musical taste. I was so huge into The Doors at that time Pantera was a gateway for me to discover what was heavy music.

“Far Beyond Driven” was Pantera’s fastest selling album of their career and landing them some serious commercial success. Tracks like “5 Minutes Alone” “I’m Broken” and “Planet Caravan” which is one of the best covers ever done.

Checkout the interview and see what Phil Anselmo has to say about writing pop music and "Far Beyond Drive" below.